Good Banana Unicorn Loud Mouth - Talking collectible plush


Only from Good Banana, Loud Mouths are a collectible, playful plush that you can't put down! They're oh-so-soft and even a little mischievous—squeeze their paw to turn them on because that's when the fun begins. Sparkles the Unicorn and other Loud Mouths repeat what you say to them in a hilariously high-pitched voice, shaking with excitement. Speak to Sparkles, and it will chat right back as if your voice had been changed by special effects! There are four total styles to choose from, adding some spice to your plushie assortment while offering endless entertainment. Each is approximately 6 inches tall and have a delightfully smooth and cloud-like feel to them, especially when you give them a squeeze. While repeating A set of ""try me!"" batteries are already installed for instant fun. • They're collectible plushies with a mischievous side • They repeat what you say in a hilariously high-pitched voice • Shakes with excitement when chatting back